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Cypres International is a multidisciplinary and complementary team in place for many years. It consists of a landscape architect and a civil engineer. To meet all the needs of its customers, Cypres International works closely with an architect, a real estate consultant and two consultants in financial engineering based in London and Luxembourg.

Thus, Cypres International is able to supervise a project as a whole (Financial package, Feasibility, Design, Property prospecting, Construction management).

Young and dynamic, loving overcome the difficulty, find answers to complex problems, create and invent new concepts and new processes for the public space, it seeks to shift the boundaries of urban and landscape design. Go from an issue to the other, develop its senses and its mind, such is the policy of Cyprès International.

Our work is expansive, ranging from designing small gardens to the planning of cities around the world, with a special preference for sustainable development and renewable energies. Exploring the relationships with art, culture and context of the place, Cyprs International challenges the traditional concepts of landscape design and loves surprised by the originality of its developments and the treatments of public and private spaces. It participates in numerous international competitions including the redevelopment of part in downtown Tampa, FL, the development of brownfield in Nashville, TE, a market place in Casablanca, Morocco and the redevelopment of the Paseo Bulnes and Almagro park to commemorate the bicentennial of Chile.

To communicate with its international clientele, Cypres International is proficient in the following languages: English, Chinese, French, Arabic and Italian. .

The team


Landscape-Architect, PM PRINCE2, Expert asserted in urban and planning in the grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Graduate of the National School of Landscape of Versailles in 1995, she began her career at the Agency Agnès Brochet on the Natural Garden in Paris. In 1996, she was recruited by the Tunisian State to the creation of the Agency for the Coastal Protection and Planning Agency. She created in 1999, the office Cyprès Architecte-Paysagistes Associés then Cyprès International in 2013. She has worked on many urban projects, on natural environments particularly for Mediterranean Small Islands Initiative and the WWF, on enhancement projects for the archaeological heritage of Carthage and on many parks and gardens for public and private customers in France, Dubai, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Russia and USA. She is expert for the Inititave PIM since 2009 and assisted the Project unit for the Archaeological Park of Carthage from 2006 to 2011.  



Civil Engineer, PMP, PMI-RMP

Graduate of the National School of Arts and Industries of Strasbourg since 1998, Project Manager Professional since 2011 and Professional Risk Manager since 2013. He has extensive experience in the management of large projects in France, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy and Tunisia that allow it to cover all aspects of construction (project owner, delegated project management, engineering, construction, civil engineering, MEP and maritime works). He has collaborated on projects of new offices of the European Commission and the extension of the European Parliament in Luxembourg as well as the construction of the Marina of Bizerte in Tunisia.

Our customers


    • Alain Freytet Agency

    • ATENOR

    • CBL

    • CLE

    • European Commission

    • European Parlement

    • Company Company Luxembourg SA

    • French Conservatoire du Littoral

    • Mediterranean Conservatory

    • Pertuy

    • Programme des Petites Îles de Méditerranée

    • SE-Consult

    • SLCP

    • Tralux

  • ASIA

    • Government of Kazakhstan

    • Qatari Diar


    • Government of Chile

    • Nashville Civic Design Center

    • University of South Florida


    • Public

      • [AC-CA]

      • Agency for the development of National Heritage and Cultural Promotion

      • Coastal Protection and Planning Agency

      • Real Estate Housing Agency

      • Tourism Real Estate Agency

      • National Agency of Environment Protection

      • Department of Urban Environment

      • Directorate-General for Environment and Quality of Life

      • Directorate-General of Highways

      • Regional Directorate of Equipment

      • Governorate of Nabeul

      • National Heritage Institute

      • Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Water Resources

      • Ministry of Culture

      • Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning

      • Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development

      • Ministry of Housing, Infrastructure and Spatial Planning

      • Municipality of Dar Chaabene

      • Regional Council of El Kef

      • Municipality of Hammamet

      • Municipality of Bardo

      • National Society of Residences

    • Private

      • Azimuth

      • AWA Partners

      • Bizerte Cap 3000

      • Compagnie Marocaine des Energies

      • Draw Link Group

      • Eramet - Comilog

      • GEOIDD

      • Acropolis Hotel

      • Hotel Dar Said

      • Ingecotec

      • International Mecater

      • Consult Oracle

      • PAOTIC

      • Rent Hotel

      • Dar Zarrouk Restaurant

      • Sadki Abassi

      • Scet Tunisie

      • Studi

      • Chaabane & Cie

      • Clinic of Neurology of Tunis

      • Montazah company Soukra

      • Sonatrach